Betsoft casino software in Canada today

The company has always been very successful and currently has more than 170 games available for different casinos. Betsoft casino has always used a very provident approach for its development and constantly has been very innovative over the course of time. For example, it started to decrease the production of 3D slots and gradually started to move towards producing cinematic slots, which is clearly regarded ahead of its time. Its software range offers:

  1. Cinematic 3D slot games;
  2. Casino manager with 22 table games;
  3. Shift platform, which HTML5 friendly;
  4. 88 slots overall;
  5. Mobile gaming;
  6. 26 video poker machines;
  7. Additional 4 video games.

Software is compatible with various devices including these, which use the iOS system, Android, and PCs.


Betsoft rough history

Betsoft started to produce its games in 2006 when the company was first launched. It then started to produce software for online resources. The major history can be presented in the following milestone:

  • The first company’s slots 3TM was created in 2010;
  • In 2011 the first company’s slot ToGo was unveiled;
  • In 2014 Malta Gaming license class 4 is issued;
  • In 2015 RNG software is completely verified and eventually certified by GLI;
  • Switch from Flash towards HTML5 is made in 2016;
  • AMM issues Betsoft Italian license in 2016;
  • QUINEL certified Betsoft RNG software in 2017;
  • In 2018 Romanian license is granted.

There are more games available in most of the well-known casinos in Canada. The range of the best games could be continued and there are far more to be found. In the next year, more wonderful games will definitely be launched and unveiled to the public.