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When Evelyn Guarriello was ready to return back to work after being a stay at home mom, Posh Little Closet found her.  Evelyn has always been a consignment shopper and seller because not only does she like to save money, but she believes that consigning is better for the environment and it also give people a sense of community.  Evelyn met Sarah Smith at a Posh Little Closet event in early 2014.  Posh was founded in 2009 but when Sarah Smith and her Posh Little Closet family took over she grew PLC into the thriving consignment company it is today.  After being approached by Sarah about the prospects of taking over PLC, The Guarriello family decided it was the perfect job opportunity for Evelyn and acquired ownership in August 2014.

This is not the only business for the Guarriello family.  Evelyn, Robert and their 3-year-old son Reid live in Volusia County and also own a local business, High Fly Hobbies.  With the family’s business experience, Evelyn’s college degree, her history in operations management, and the love of consigning it was the most logical and exciting job pursuit Evelyn has made to date.

Our family is so excited about Posh Little Closet! It is such a wonderful event for its consumers and the community. We hope to make new friends and develop lasting relationships along the way. We are so pleased to have the Posh team to stay on board with us. We look forward to helping savvy shoppers save money.

We consider all of our consignors, volunteers, shoppers and supporters of Posh Little Closet to be a part of our family!  There are so many amazing women (and men) who are involved in each of our events…we just couldn’t do it without you!  Among those women are two very dear friends of mine, Sarah Clayton and Paige Nielsen.  These women have been with me since my first sale and not only are they there to work hard, but also to offer support, encouragement and advice as needed.  Both of these women are wives and mothers of several children and I am thankful for the sacrifices they make with their families to take such a big part of PLC events.  Sarah (we call her Sarah 2) primarily oversees the consignor drop off and pick up processes, but is definitely a ‘Jill’-of-all-trades.  Paige knows all things about running our computer system including managing our online inventory database and working the registers…sometime with the help from her husband, our computer tech.

Without the support from these women and all of you, our Posh Little Closet sales would not be as amazing as they are. We are so thankful for the time and energy that so many give to each of our events…it is a great blessing to us!