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Posh Little Closet is thankful for any opportunity we have to take a part in helping our community! We do this in various ways, but most frequently we help raise support and awareness for local or national causes by hosting a fundraiser at one of our sales.

If you want us to host a fundraiser for your cause, we can provide a venue, general advertising and supporters…all free of charge.

  • A Fundraiser Donation Consignor Account can be created where people can donate their gently used children’s items to be sold at our sale with 75% of the proceeds going to support the fundraiser.
  • The fundraising team can ask friends, family and neighbors to sign up for a regular individual consignor accounts and sell their gently used children’s items at our sale. They will earn 50% of their total sales minus the $10 participation fee, and the fundraising team will receive 20%.
  • PLC can set up an area during our sale to collect donations for a specific cause. (ie. Canned food, school supplies, toys)
  • We are also open to new fundraising ideas… if you have one,  we would love to hear it!

The responsibilities of the fundraising team vary depending on the type of fundraising event. In general they are to staff their booth / table for the duration of the sale, secure all necessary items for the event (food, drinks, raffle prizes, signage, etc…) and spread the word about their fundraiser being at a Posh Little Closet event.

Please Contact Us for more information on fundraising at a Posh Little Closet event.