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The success of a consignor depends largely on how well their items have been prepared. The presentation and the price are two keys to maximizing sales. That is why this page includes detailed information on doing just that…preparing items well.


  • Start by selecting your BEST items to consign! Remember that Posh Little Closet only accepts items in like new condition.  And we now accept ALL SEASONS at EVERY sale!!
  • Carefully examine each clothing item for any stains, holes, excessive wear, or smells.
  • Thoroughly clean all other items including toys, books, baby gear, bedding, shoes, bikes, etc… A quick swipe with a baby wipe or damp cloth will add lots of value to your item. Only clean items will be accepted at the sale!
  • Please reference our Acceptable Items page to view items we do not accept and confirm none of your items have been recalled.
  • Spend extra time improving the presentation of your items. Clothes sell best when on hangers, freshly laundered and wrinkle free. Blankets are best hung on an adult size hanger. Plan on assembling any large items at consignor drop off for optimal presentation.
  • Make sure items that require batteries are OPERATIONAL! Otherwise you may pay $1 / battery at consignor check-in as nonworking items will not be accepted.
  • Ensure your items are not missing any parts! If you purchased an item with all included parts, be sure to resell that item with all included parts. Few exceptions made (ie. Selling a ‘deluxe’ pack and play as a ‘standard’ pack and play because you don’t have the toy bar or music player).


  • Tag Description – Be as descriptive as possible. Include brand, color, style and special features like ‘new’ or ‘worn once’ or ‘reversible’.
  • Pricing – Reference this GUIDE from to get a general idea of how to price your items. Keep your prices competitive and remember this guideline…SELL it for what you would want to BUY it for. Remember that our prices begin at $3 and move up in $.50 increments. If needed, you can combine like items to total a value of $3 or more.
  • Sizing – Each clothing brand has their own sizing guidelines, just input what the tag shows. Please do NOT select S,M,L or XL on children’s size clothing, just select the smaller numerical size it represents (ie. A shirt marked ‘S’ represents a numerical size 5/6, so input the shirt as a 5).
  • Discount – Discounting your items on the last day is a great way to keep from having to bring home and store items that you could have sold. If you desire to discount all or some of your items, be sure to check the discount box when you are inputting your items. To clarify what it means if you mark your item ‘discount’, it will sell at full price on Friday and Saturday and then will be discounted by 50% on Sunday for the 50% off sale.
  • Donate – If you want to donate some or all of your unsold items, We will give them to a Non-Profit, they will be thankful for your generosity AND you will have little or no items to get on Sunday at consignor pick up.  Please note that if you mark your items donate, they will automatically be discounted.
  • Printing – Tags will print 8 to a sheet. Be sure you are printing your tags on white cardstock using your printer’s standard print settings. Doing otherwise will not ensure your barcodes will print clearly, resulting in tags that won’t scan. Please also refrain from correcting a tag after it has printed (ie. Using a pen to mark a discount dot on a tag you forgot to check as discount when you were inputting its details) All changes must be made in the online inventory system.


  • Whether you use plastic or wire hangers, your item is hung correctly when the front is facing you and the hook of the hanger looks like a question mark (?).
  • Hangers will NOT be returned to the consignor, they are sold with the item purchased.
  • Hangers can be purchased at many local stores including Walmart and dollar stores. Often other stores such as Old Navy, Bealls, Kohls and dry cleaners will give away their hangers for free!
  • Check out these videos from the Consignment Queen to see how to best hang items if you are using wire hangers:

Hanging Pants:
Hanging Shirts:
Hanging Outfits:–di1sw


  • Begin by viewing and gathering necessary tagging supplies on the Tagging Resources page. You can also view our video there on how to tag your items.
  • Barcode – Keep the full barcode exposed.  Be sure NOT to cover any part of the barcode with tape when you are attaching a tag.
  • Make a List – Include a detailed list of items that contain multiple components that is clearly displayed (ie. Feeding set includes 4 sets of plates, cups, utensils and placemats)
  • Multiple Items -When selling multiple items as one set (a train table, bag of tracks and bag of trains) be sure you label ALL items as part of a set (ie. 1 of 3, 2 of 3 and 3 of 3).  You only need ONE barcoded tag, but 3 additional labels showing that they belong to the primary item. Also, be sure all pieces are attached securely to the primary item for sale.
  • Tagging Tool – Use of either safety pins or a tagging gun is acceptable for clothing though we highly recommend using a tagging gun. It is a small investment that will save you lots of time in the long run. If you are interested in purchasing a tagging gun, please contact us below.
  • Clothing with pins – If using safety pins on clothing, please secure the tag in the upper right corner of the item when the front is facing you and the hanger looks like a question mark. We recommend using 1” size safety pins as smaller sizes will pop off if you use them to hold an item on a hanger.
  • Clothing with a gun – If using a tagging gun with a shirt, please attach either through the actual size/brand tag of the item or in the left underarm seam of the shirt. Bottoms can be tagged through the actual size/brand tag, through the waistband or a seam on the left side. The key is to find a location that will not be damaged with a hole and that will display the tag correctly.
  • Books – Use blue packaging tape ONLY to secure tags on the back cover of a book. Using any other type of tape will either not hold the tag secure or will rip the book when it is removed.  When securing books in a set, use a rubber band horizontally and vertically to create a cross.
  • Shoes – Small sized shoes can be secured in a baggie with the tag taped onto it or secured with a zip tie. Larger sized shoes can be ziptied together by following this process…Hole punch your tag, set both shoes in front of you, put the zip tie through a hole in one shoe, through the hole of the tag and then through the hole of the other shoe and then attach the zip tie to itself.
  • DVDs, CDs, Video Games – Using clear packaging tape or blue painters tape, attach the tag to the back cover being sure not to cover the barcode.
  • Puzzles – Secure puzzles or other item with many pieces in a medium or large baggie with the tag tapped onto it. Other options include saran wrapping your puzzle pieces to the board and securing it with tape.
  • Toys – Use baggies to secure toys with many pieces. If the contents would not need to be closely examined, you can staple or tape the baggie shut. Be sure tags are secured to toys very securely since they may be touched many times during the sale.
  • Final Step – Remember your final step is to organize your items before you drop them off. Clothing must be organized by size and gender (it is best to rubber band the groups together). Packing similar items together for transport will also help get you through drop off quicker.

For any questions on how to prepare your items, please Contact Us. We would much rather help you before the sale so that you won’t have to make corrections at drop off.