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Tagging your items, especially as a first time consignor, is much easier when you have many resources to reference. Many of our tagging resources are general guidelines to give you an idea of what you should price an item for or the best way to prepare it for the sale. Each consignor eventually finds a streamlined approach to tagging their items that works best for them. Here are some resources that can help you accomplish that goal.


1.    Computer access – to input your items into our online inventory system
2.    A printer and white (or light colored) cardstock – to print barcoded tags on
3.    Scissors or a paper cutter – to cut your individual tags with
4.    A tagging gun or safety pins (straight pins not permitted) – to attach tags to your items
5.    Blue packaging tape – to attach tags to the back cover of BOOKS
6.    Clear packaging tape – to attach tags to non-clothing items
7.    Rubberbands – to bundle books or other items
8.    Zip ties – to attach shoes together if you are not packaging them in bags
9.    Baggies – to hold shoes, small items or sets
10.    Stapler – to secure a baggie shut (if the item inside will not need to be removed to view)
11.    Hole Punch – to create an opening on the tag for the zip tie or a safety pin
12.    Large Rubbermaid tote or box – to hold and transport your items to our sale


Reference this very helpful Pricing Guide to get a good overview of how to price your items. Be sure to also scroll to the bottom of that page to view the Clothing Brand Reference section. Thank you consignmentmommies.com for these resources! (*Be sure to note that for a Posh Little Closet Sale, Target brand (Cherokee and Genuine Kids) and Carter’s brand would be in the ‘Bargain Brand’ section and the pricing would be $3-$4.)
A great pricing guideline that is simple to follow is this…SELL it for what you would want to BUY it for!

Watch a video on how to tag your Posh Little Closet items

Additional Tagging Tips

  • Be as descriptive as possible when creating tags (ie. Plaid Gap cargo shorts instead of Gap shorts). This helps you remember exactly what item sold when you are viewing your daily sales and it helps us be able to sell an item that has lost its tag when we search for it in our database.
  • Please be aware that the majority of clothing sizes we receive are newborn – 12 months. Please price these items competitively.
  • Print your tags using your printer’s standard print setting. If you print in an ‘ink saving’ mode, there is a good chance the barcodes will be unreadable.

We desire to make tagging as easy as possible for our consignors. Please let us know if there is a way we can make the process work better for you…it will probably help it work better for others too!